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How to fight sick leave abuse


Federal managers: Who makes the decision about when to use sick leave? Is it always the employee? Do you ever suspect that the employee may be abusing sick leave, but you lack proof? Do managers have any control over this most basic employee entitlement? The answer is in the “leave restriction letter,” or as it’s called in some agencies, a “letter of requirements” or a “leave status letter.” By custom, employees may self-certify the first three days of any sick leave absence. After three days, an agency may require medical evidence to support the absence. When an employee is out…

Q&A Session


Ask the Lawyer received the following question (paraphrased for easier reading and clarity) from a reader on a legal matter that might be of interest to the entire audience.  Q:        If the government compensates an employee, who earns Law Enforcement Availability Pay (L.E.A.P.), overtime wages which the government now claims the employee is not entitled to, may the government recoup the unauthorized payments by withholding funds form a federal employee’s paycheck? A:        Any federal law enforcement officer who receives availability pay (L.E.A.P.), generally may not receive any additional payment for unscheduled duty hours, or overtime.  As such, any…