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I heard that a retiree can get a pension and unemployment because of a hostile work environment. I had to retire after 29 years as I have had horrible nightmares every night and still do about the job. My pension is not enough to live on, as I now pay for medical insurance and other expenses. Should I apply for unemployment? I would have kept working but it was unbearable and got worse every day.


Normally, someone who retires with a pension cannot also receive unemployment.

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  1. This is a sad case of bullies at the job.

    Working for our governmen should be pleasant and should be a team effort to serve our citizens.

    The retirement has ham you financialy just becuase you probably had a bully supervisor or coworkers who enjoy doing this to you.

    Unfortunatly you can not get both retirement and un employment. try to get help or a part time job if you can to suplement your income.

    Good Luck.


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