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I was promoted from a GS-07 position to an NSPS position. Upon conversion from NSPS to GS, I was given a GS-09 position in September 2010. In October 2011, I was notified by my supervisor that I had been erroneously converted to the GS-09, and steps would be taken to revert me back to a GS-07 position. This caused me to incur a debt which has been ongoing. To date, I have not been reverted to the GS-07 and continue to carry out the same duties I have done all along on my GS-09 position. Do I have grounds to contest the downgrade? And who should I talk to?


Nothing has happened yet. And, when it does, you may have a Merit Systems Protection Board appeal or Equal Employment Opportunity claim, but you do not provide information to assess the viability of those options. I don’t understand what debt you are incurring if you have not been demoted, and, if you are, you should be entitled to at least saved pay.

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