Q & A Session – Do Contractors have Rights in a Federal Investigation?


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My husband is a contractor for a federal agency. He was called on Monday and told to stay home on administrative leave because a federal civilian employee had filed a complaint against him at work. They did not tell him what the complaint was, only who complained. He was notified today by email that they were trying to relocate his cubicle away from the complainant but still does not know why he is being punished. He hasn’t been given the opportunity to defend himself. There has not been any meeting set up with supervisors and the employee to try and fix this. Nobody has called and updated him or asked him his side of the story. What are his rights as a contractor working for the federal agency? What should he do at this point?


Most contractor employees are at-will and do not have any rights in a federal investigation. Their employment relationship is between the employee and the company that has the contract with the government.

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