Q&A: New Supervisor Conflict


Q: Another coworker and I competed for a the same supervisor position, and my coworker got it. After a few months, I was transferred to another caseload and was put under that same coworker with whom I’d competed for the supervisor role. Is that legal?

A: Management has the right to assign work to employee.  Nothing in the law prohibits management from assigning an employee to work underneath a supervisory position that an employee previously competed for, or from working underneath a supervisor who was previously a peer of that employee.  Thus, while it may be an uncomfortably adjustment being assigned to work underneath your colleague who was selected over you for a supervisory position, there is nothing legally prohibiting your employer from doing so.

This response was written by Christopher J. Keeven, supervisory attorney, Shaw Bransford & Roth, P.C.
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