Q & A Session – Grade Increase After Minimally Successful Performance Appraisal


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If a federal employee receives a grade increase to the next career ladder grade immediately following a minimal successful performance appraisal, what action should be taken by management/human resources to address and correct the issue?


The situation you described sounds like a major ball dropping of a well thrown pass. Once an appointment (promotion to a higher grade level) is made by an authorized appointing authority it cannot be taken away from a non-probationary employee without due process. But it sounds like due process and a possible adverse action is in order. You can try to report this to an IG Hotline, but most IG offices will lack the resources to investigate this type of issue.

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  1. Kraig Adamson on

    I am a preference eligible veteran, I applied for a position with the Department of the Interior and was told by the hiring authority that I was the top candidate. I was then told I was being “direct hired”. I bought back my military time in 15 months and was asked by the union to be a steward. I agreed and since that time my supervisor and co-workers have turned against me and are in the process of trying to get me fired. I am now being told that I have a 2 year probation. Those hired after me are done with their probation, but apparently I am still under probation. This does not seem right , nor was this explained to me when I agreed to the “direct-hire” option. My performance evaluations up to this point have been excellent, what do I do?

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