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I am in a long distance relationship with a foreigner, but did not put him down on my SF-86 under the question related to foreign associates, as I did not understand the question correctly. During my personal interview, I asked for clarification and was forthcoming with all details pertaining to my relationship with the person. Will this result in a denial of my clearance because it was not listed initially?


No, it will not definitely result in a loss of a clearance, but it will be a factor to be considered. If unsure on the SF-86, it is better to err on the side of disclosure, or seek expert advice.

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  1. Of course the reason they left off the foreign citizen is because he/she was the employee’s handler. The officer for the foreign intelligence service that’s running the whole case isn’t worried either because the adjudicator that reads the case is an idiot too.

    No it will defiantly not be a reason to deny…come on use your brain. There are a thousand unknown variables in this question. Your answer is wildly reckless and shortsighted.

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