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I received a proposed possible removal from service due to alleged misconduct. If I lose my case, what will happen to my retirement and TSP? Should I retire since I am 59 and can with less annuity? If I am removed, can I be hired by another agency?


I can’t give you specific advice on whether to resign. If you lose your case you certainly can receive a reduced annuity if you are eligible for it. Your annuity and TSP will not be adversely affected. There is no ban to another agency hiring you, but since you are required to disclose the removal, it may be uphill sledding to get another agency to actually offer you a job.


Bill Bransford is managing partner of Shaw, Bransford & Roth, PC.

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  1. Douglas Mitchell on

    I have been issued a Proposed Removal for Failure to obtain a license. I do have circumstances that have caused me to be under a lot of stress: Nephew is in jail for murder and has been given a life sentence, wife may have breast cancer or sarcoidosis of the breast, and children do not call and may be using drugs.

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