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I have a coworker that has been caught lying by many in the office. One situation was during his hiring interview and an IG complaint was made. The second situation involved an encounter with law enforcement while on TDY and another was accusing a supervisor of discrimination and then denying that he made the accusations. This has created a hostile work environment and individuals in the office question his trustworthiness since we all maintain top secret security clearances. What can be done?


You have described situations that are actionable and provable. Someone needs to develop the gumption and follow through. Remember the standard for taking action is “efficiency of service.” This is an elastic concept that can be adapted to your situation.

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  1. Excellent response.

    In our agency it is not uncommon to have members to the leadership propagating false information about subordinates caracters in order to label them other than the truth.

    The problem is that they members of the leadership are incompetent and out of date with today’s technology as they want to cling to their old ways of doing things.

    So they lie about their expertise and qualifications to lead and be leaders as they try to suppress new concpts and ideas…

    These leaders are no longer thrustworthy as leaders and should be re evaluated for the efficiency of the service.

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