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I have been wanting to write you ever since I read your article in the Federal Times on “Handling Disrespectful Behavior.” Your article discussed disrespectful subordinates. I would like to hear your view on disrespectful supervisors. What constitutes disrespect in the treatment of subordinates and what should they do about it?


Supervisors, of course, should treat their subordinates with respect. Those supervisors who do not do this are opening themselves up to a hostile work environment claim and possible removal from supervision or other discipline. Employees who experience hostility can file an EEO complaint, a grievance, complain informally to HR or higher management or to the IG.

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  1. They sys tem does not work.

    You can file and IG complaint, a DoD IG Complaint and an EEO Complaint ad becuase Senior Management do not have the courage to correct the disrespectful and abusive behaviour of managers they continue doing it.

    The lack of Leadership foster the Hostile Working Conditions to Federal Employees under these managers.

    I experience this behaviour at the Joint Staff Pentagon where these managers behave like if they were managing a plantation back in the 1950’s at the Deep South.

    It is the responsibility of the Leadership to foster working conditions that are free of bullies and disrespectful managers that only contribute to hostile working conditions.



  2. Disrespectful supervisor that create a hostile working conditions need to be fired. They are bullies that do this at work becuase of the Lack of Senior Leadership to place a top to it.

    They feel superior but in reality they are infirior as at home I am sure their spouses keep them under their tumb!!!

    They are cowards as human beings. Low self of steam and the lack of back bone. and very submisive to their spouse!!!

    I have met a few on my 45 year career and belive me out in the street they do do that becuase if they do they get a lesson on dignity and respect on the treatment of others.


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