Q & A Session – Where’s My Grade Increase?


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When I accepted my current position, I argued that my college education should have boosted my grade level, but I was shot down, even though management supported me. Now my year is up and I should have received the grade increase but have not. Workforce says everything has been submitted and approved ahead of schedule, but OMB says “it’s not an entitlement” and I’ll get it when they get to it and it’s not retroactive. How can this be right?


What you have been told is legally correct, but it does not seem to be the best way to treat employees.

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  1. Sounds’ like a current generation young person who persistently believes college entitles them to more than anyone else, sooner than anyone else! I hope they had a major one year anniversary party to show the true worth and value of this central cog to the function of government, otherwise we may all be doomed…

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