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I have held the same position for approximately six years. I have attended periodic training that is pertinent to my job. Two years ago, I got a new supervisor who is being career laddered into the position. She has been scheduled to take the same training that I have taken, but has canceled every time she is registered. This isn’t her entire job, but she is ultimately responsible for the program in our office.

She has rated me on my performance appraisal for the past two years on a program she has not been trained in and is receiving her career ladder promotions on schedule, even though she has not taken training for part of her job. Do I have any recourse?


You do not have recourse unless your supervisor has been treated different from you. From your description of events, it appears to me that her treatment is very different from your situation. It appears you are trying to question a management decision affecting someone else. There is no forum for that. If you think a law or rule has been violated, you might inform HR or the IG’s office, but it is up to them to take action.

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