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I have worked for a federal agency for about 14 years and am currently a GS-7. My performance has declined due to medical issues. I was just diagnosed with a disability which has become worse due to physical and emotional stressors.

Management wants me to sign a form saying that I request a move for personal reasons to the mail room at a GS-4-10. If I don’t sign it, they will place me at a GS-4-1, which is about half my current pay.

Can they move me to a lower pay since I now have a disability? If they did, could I retain pay? Would this mean I would be eligible to apply for early disability retirement since I was not placed at the same rate and pay?


If you are demoted, you can apply for disability retirement. You may also be entitled to a reasonable accommodation because of your disability. You should use your agency’s reasonable accommodation process. If the accommodation is denied, you can pursue an EEO complaint.

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  1. I’m no expert, but I know a little bit about the fed system. I don’t think they have to pay you while giving someone else your work. If you aren’t able to do the work with or without a reasonable accommodation, then they don’t have to keep you in the position. The big thing is that if you could perform the major duties with a reasonable accommodation, they have to provide a reasonable accommodation. But you ask if they “can.” Sure, I guess they can. They probably don’t HAVE to though.

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