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I have provided service at the same medical center for two years. My initial position was in administrative support. The annual evaluation was outstanding and probation was completed. Two months later, I was promoted through internal means to a position that entitled me to an increase in one grade. Then, three months later, I found a position (in the same facility) that was in my field of collegiate studies. I was not able to send an application internally due to time in grade requirements. I applied through USAJOBS and was interviewed/selected for the position. Human resources has put me on a second probation for this new position. Is it possible to be placed on a second probation in this situation?


Depending on how you were appointed, you can sometimes be required to undergo a second probationary period if you go into a new line of work. If you are a preference eligible veteran, it is most likely a mistake to require you to undergo a second probationary period. Your remedy is an MSPB appeal if management removes you for failure to complete this second period, assuming you can show it is unauthorized.

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