Q & A Session – Recourse for Management who face Continual Threats of Filing


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Bargaining unit employees have a vast number of avenues to them, but managers who are continually subjected to harassment and threats of filing from staff seemingly have no recourse. Our concerns to our supervisors go unheard and are not dealt with, leaving us out there alone and feeling unable to effectively do our jobs. What recourse do supervisors have to voice their concerns and file complaints after being called names and subjected to this abuse? It seems that bargaining unit employees are the only ones who have a voice.


I hear this a lot from supervisors. Your best recourse is to establish good working relationships with HR and your management chain. Then, as incidents unfold, keep them informed through documentation. Most of the time, supervisors who document and act reasonably receive the support of HR and their higher level managers.

Bill Bransford is managing partner of Shaw Bransford & Roth PC.

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