Q & A Session – Military Supervisor Disrespectful to Civilian Supervisor


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At a meeting which was set up to allow the various section heads in my command to discuss each section’s top five issues, a supervisor took over the meeting and dismissed my concerns in front of the rest of the personnel in the meeting. I tried to explain my position, but she persisted in dismissing my opinion. After the meeting, I asked to speak with her and tell her that it was not her place to dismiss my concerns. She interrupted me, told me to get out of her office and threatened me with bodily harm.

Although I believe she was disciplined in some way, I was written up for standing my ground and was told my actions were unbecoming of my position and rank. The write up was done after the Major spoke with the woman, but before I had the opportunity to clarify my position.

What is my recourse?


One thing I’ve learned is that there are two sides to every story. It sounds to me like your Major dealt with the matter and it’s time to move on.

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