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My position description was written back in 1999 and has never been updated, even though I have been given many more additional duties. I have addressed this to my various supervisors over the past 12 years but have always been told they would either look into it or ask me to write something up. I am not rated on my performance appraisal on the additional duties I have been given. Do I have any recourse? Internal complaints are ignored.


You can ask for a desk audit. Be careful though. Sometimes a desk audit results in a reduction of grade level.


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  1. Mary Mckenna on

    Option other than desk audit may be ….Google DOD position classification appeals. They have made the process labor intensive and onerous so that people do not do it , but the time may be worth it. Basically you can compare your job description to what you are being requested to do and the variance. Then if you can show another job description that is classed higher you may have a chance. This same info can and should be submitted for evaluation.

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