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I was an employee with an agency between 2007 and 2011. I was a GS-12 Step 1 when I voluntarily applied and accepted another position at a GS-7 Step 10 level, which was a pay cut. I learned that others in my same situation were able to keep their GS-12 pay or were given advance promotion to GS-12. How do I go about doing the same to get back my GS-12 pay?


I don’t know the circumstances of how or why the other employees were treated more favorably. I suggest you point out the difference in treatment to see if you can receive the same treatment as the others, if you are similarly situated.


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  1. Where do they get these “lawyers” that post the answers is beyond me….what you are refering to is “save pay” however, since you voluntarily left your current grade and step, you are not entitled to save pay (keeping your previous grade/step pay for 2 years) That is normally reserved for personnel who are moved and/or reduced as the result of a RIF or other administrative action beyond the employee’s control. Also, you are not entitled to any advance promotions due to the voluntary step down that you took when you accepted the position. What you can do however, is any GS-9/11/12 positions that come down the pike for your series and CP code you may in fact qualify for during the resume scoring process.

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